Establishment of SAPMA

The South African Pump Manufacturers Association (SAPMA) was established 54 years ago and was registered as an employers’ organisation in 1981, and is federated to the Steel and Engineering Industries Federation of Southern Africa (SEIFSA). One of the primary objectives is to look after the interests of the pump manufacturing companies in South Africa.

The primary membership of the SAPMA includes members who are actively engaged in the manufacture, fabrication and/or assembly of pumps. Provision is also made for Second, Associate/Individual and Affiliate Membership.

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The Association promotes ethical business practices and offers an ideal platform for its members to network with relevant industry players, discuss issues such as government legislation, labour laws and general matters affecting the steel and engineering industries within South Africa, as well as the sector.

SAPMA’s Key Objective

First: Regulate relations between members, employees and trade unions.

Second Objective: Promote the interests of members.

Third: Plan and organise its administration and lawful activities.

Fourth: Promote, support or oppose any proposed legislation posing a threat to the interests of its members.

Fifth Objective: Further the interests of the industry through public relations activities.

Sixth: Obtain, collate and distribute relevant information from the industry to its members.

Seventh: Create and maintain employment within the South African Pump Industry.