SAPMA Images Dudley Willer

Active in the industry from 1975, Dudley Willer has worked in over 6 African countries specifying many pump types, across many industries and applications.

Experienced in external sales, managements and branch level training, Dudley is skilled to offer the Technical Pump Training, sales training and chair disciplinary hearings.

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Dudley offers the following courses:

  • Intro to Pumps, Basic, and Advanced Hydraulics & Pumps;
  • intro to Selling (for internal sales clerks);
  • advanced Selling (for external sales people);
  • presentation Techniques (for senior sales people and middle management);
  • understanding Customer Psychology for the same staff set.

All the courses on offer have post training assessment and personal evaluation as a standard, and if additional post course development exercises are required,  Dudley will manage that for the company.

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