Pump and Water Hydraulics Training Courses


DW Training will be offering the following three course/s specifically aimed at your sales personnel in the pumps sales industry.As the skills requirement for pump selection staff has changed somewhat over the years, I have re-arranged my course content to offer a more focused content option, for management to be able to better target the training material to your personnel.The courses are being offered, in the Edenvale, Gauteng, area, during 17 to 21 July 2023, as below:

Basic Hydraulics and Pumps.

This popular old favourite, a 4-day course, will run from 17 to 21 July 2023, as per the attached synopsis.It is suited to personnel who are required to have a level of problem analysis skills for post-sales performance problems.Delegates will learn more about the correct pipe sizing/materials etc. as it affects flow velocities and its impact on causing cavitation and possible resultant NPSH issues.Economical pipe sizing, friction and Total Dynamic Head calculations are covered in detail.A measure of prior centrifugal pump experience would be an advantage.Course Fee R5 250pp .


Basic Hydraulics.

Created to allow for the skilled pump person to upgrade to being able to do the system hydraulics calculations, this course will be presented over 2 days, with an assessment test on the last afternoon.See the synopsis of the course, as attached, to better understand what the delegate will learn and be tested on.Attendance dates are 17 & 18 July 2023, and the Course Fee R2 750pp .


Basic Centrifugal Pumps.

Created to allow a developing salesperson to better understand how the Computer Aided Selection programs use their input information to select a series of pump options, the delegate will learn how to then select the better option for the client’s application and environment.Personnel identified for further career development will be well served by this introductory course, as a first step to be involved in the hydraulic calculations – see #2 above.For this beginner’s course, there is little no need to learn all the hydraulic calculation formulae.The course is presented over 2 days, with an assessment test on the last afternoon.The course synopsis is attached, for you to better understand what the delegate will learn and be tested on. Attendance dates are 19 & 20 July, and the Course Fee is R2 750pp .


The course fees include all learning material/manuals, limited delegate numbers, personalized feedback notes on their assessment test, plus 3 x T&C’s a day, a light lunch, and Certification on successful completion – 70% Pass mark required for the Application Test, and a 60% average score for total assessment test (BH&P is 70%), which are completed using the Open Book method.Course seats are limited to enable more direct tuition.

If more than 3 delegates are booked by one company, they will enjoy a 15% discount on the 4th plus delegate/s.

Pre-bookings should be made by email please, by 20 June 2023, with Final Confirmation and Deposits required by 7 July 2023.

Basic Hydraulics and Basic Pump Course


New industry entrants after 3 months in the business.

Course Content:

Foundation course for all pump system courses after having completed the Basic Hydraulics content.

Who will be presenting?

Mr Dudley Willerhas been involved in the pump industry since 1975 and has working experience in many of the differing pump market segments, and 6 countries in Southern Africa.

He was the Knowledge
Manager for Africa for a large European pump manufacturing company until his recent retirement. Dudley is an Individual Member of SAPMA, and holds an award for services to the pump industry awarded bySAPSDA in 2014.